Fushion Lychee

Fushion Absinthe Lychee & Ice Tea is a lightly carbonated, perfect blend of absinthe combined with the fresh taste of ice tea and the tropical lychee twist. Fushion Absinthe Lychee & Ice Tea contains 11% alcohol and is packaged in a fashionable and recyclable deposit can with a volume of 250 ml.

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Fushion is a premium mixed drink brand founded in the Netherlands. The name originated from the fusion of two words, “fusion” and “fashion,” symbolizing “presenting an inspired lifestyle through fashion.” Fushion is a Dutch brand inspired by South American influences, where life is about celebrating. Similar to the sunny and warm weather and the feeling you get when you’re in South America, Fushion transports you to that atmosphere.

Fushion is a modern drink with a fashion DNA that everyone can identify with. With our drinks, you can celebrate any occasion, big or small. Every flavor experience is fantastic, sensational, and above all, flavorful; so what are you waiting for? Discover the taste sensation of Fushion’s premium mixed drinks!

We experiment with original ingredients, flavors, and high-quality preparation methods for our beverages. In the rapidly evolving world we currently inhabit, consumers are often seeking new taste experiences within the mixed drinks industry. Therefore, we want to introduce our consumers to the surprising flavors of Fushion!

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Fushion Lychee


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