At the core of our strategy lies a deep understanding of each beverage, allowing us to elevate them to exceptional heights. Discover the world of flavors with us, where every sip is an extraordinary journey.



Embracing the spirit of innovation sets us apart as pioneers in the industry. The Beverage House constantly pushes boundaries and challenges conventional norms, enabling us to create exceptional, unique experiences for our customers. By collaborating with global partners, our commitment to delivering the best taste and exceptional quality makes us a reliable partner in the market. Our customers can trust that we consistently provide them with drinks that inspire and enrich their moments of joy and togetherness. By forging a connection with joy, togetherness, and inspiration, we aim to have a lasting impact on our target audience. This emotional bond with our brand fosters loyalty among our customers, turning them into dedicated ambassadors.

Discover unknown beverages.

We collaborate with partners from all around the globe, connecting well-known drinks with the community and introducing new and forgotten flavours. Imagine savouring a hidden flavour from South America or a tropical island. Let your imagination carry you to the vibrant sounds of the Black forest or the gentle breeze of a tropical paradise. Our beverages are designed to bring people together and experience new or discover unknown tastes.



We are not only proud of the quality of our products but also because we ensure that our sellers share the same values and passion for our brand. Through training and guidance, we ensure that our sellers embody the essence of our brand and provide a consistent and exceptional experience to customers of all levels.

We are dedicated to elevate our exceptional beverages.

With carefully crafted marketing strategies and a network of sellers who share our values, we strive to create unforgettable moments for our customers, turning them into loyal ambassadors for the brands we represent.

We cheer to bring drinks of exceptional quality that spark inspiration.

Job Offers The Beverage House.

Brand Group Manager 1

Brand Group Manager

Do you want to be part of a team that’s shaking up the beverage world? A job where you can build real-world brands? The Beverage…

Fulltime | WO | Eindhoven | Salaris 3,800 - 4,300
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Administrative & Financial Assistant 3

Administrative & Financial Assistant

The Beverage House is a dynamic importer, distributor, and brand builder of (alcoholic) beverages in the Netherlands. As a young, friendly, and ambitious company, we…

Hourly Contract | Equivalent to higher vocational education | Eindhoven | Salaris 16,15 euro p/u
View job offer
Sales Manager 5

Sales Manager

We are an ambitious fast-growing company in the beverage industry, located in Eindhoven. With a strong focus on importing, distributing, and building innovative beverage brands,…

Fulltime | Equivalent to higher vocational education | Anderlechtstraat, Eindhoven | Salaris 5400 - 6000 (excluding bonuses)
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Beverage Ambassador (Your City) 7

Beverage Ambassador (Your City)

Earning money while you party? Do you have a social character, tons of energy, and are you independent? Then this flexible job as a Brand…

Parttime | HBO - WO | By agreement | Salaris 15,50
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Internship 9


We are a leading distributor in the beverage industry, specializing in delivering high-quality and innovative drink products to customers all over the world. Our mission…

NVT | MBO - HBO - WO | Eindhoven | Salaris NVT
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Operations Manager (Jr) 11

Operations Manager (Jr)

Directing and handling collaborations with festivals, student associations, and events. As an Operations Manager (Junior), you play an essential role in managing our daily business…

Fulltime | HBO - WO | Eindhoven | Salaris €2.900 - €3.300
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Account Manager South of the Netherlands 13

Account Manager South of the Netherlands

Are you a Sales Superstar with a passion for beverages and the hospitality industry? At The Beverage House (Saclé), a fast-growing import and distribution company,…

Fulltime | HBO - WO | Eindhoven | Salaris €3.100 - €3.500
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Account Manager Randstad 15

Account Manager Randstad

Do you want to be part of a team that’s turning the beverage industry upside down? A job where you can build real-world brands? The…

Fulltime | HBO - WO | Eindhoven | Salaris €3.100 - €3.500
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