Needle Masterpiece Gin

The Needle Masterpiece is a special version of our well-known Needle Gin and is exclusively available in the gastronomy sector. This unique version of Needle Gin preserves the distinctiveness of Needle Gin in terms of flavor and design, but it also impresses with important characteristics for gastronomy products, such as high mixability.

The well-known and beloved botanicals from Needle Gin – hand-picked Black Forest spruce needles, sun-ripened citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, floral lavender, spicy cinnamon, sharp ginger, and oriental allspice – have been intensified by 200% in their presence for the Masterpiece compared to the Needle Gin. Enhanced and thus more prominently highlighted. They give the Masterpiece a robust and spicy character that is unparalleled.

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With an increased alcohol content of 45%, the Needle Masterpiece offers optimal mixability for long drinks and cocktails in bars and restaurants.

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The Masterpiece a robust and spicy character!



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