Antica Sambuca Raspberry

The fresh and fruity flavor of raspberries meets the velvety sweetness of Sambuca. Try the unique Antica Sambuca with raspberry flavor. This Italian liqueur has a delicious fruity taste, typical of raspberries, with a hint of anise, while being intensely velvety. Try it neat, chilled, or mix it to make cocktails and give them a soft pink hue.

How is Antica Sambuca produced?
The main ingredients are star anise, a blend of 17 herbs and spices, alcohol, water, and sugar. The main ingredient is star anise, whose seeds are rich in anethole oil, extracted through a steam distillation process to give Sambuca its characteristic flavor. For obtaining the anise distillate, many other botanicals are used such as wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter orange, sweet orange, and coriander.

We proudly share that Antica Sambuca has received several international prestigious awards, establishing itself as a true icon and an indispensable player in the world of Sambuca. From this, we can conclude that Antica Sambuca is one of the best, if not the best, Sambuca in the world.

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Convenient to use, as the pourer is already integrated into each cap.

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Hygienic safety, as each pourer can only be used with the bottle and can be closed after each maintenance, avoiding external contamination.



Antica Sambuca Raspberry





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